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Current Software Projects
anycons, Simple Universal Console I/O
DIF, Navy DIF file handler in Python
GDmodule, Python GD module.  This is the module written by Richard Jones; he has handed over maintenance of this project to me.
GINSU, a file chopper/reassembler with automatic features.  Supports Linux/Unix, Win32, and DOS
libaltm, Alternate Math Library for SCO OpenServer 5.04. This is an ar (.a) library containing Position Independent Code (-fPIC) versions of the libm.a functions. I got the source from glibc-1.09 (an older version) because it at least builds on OpenServer 5 with the SkunkWare gcc 2.95.2., a password file management module for Unix/Linux/BSD systems.
PollyReports is a report generation module for Python. It is intended to be used with Reportlab to create PDFs using data drawn from a database.
Python Plumber's Helpers.  Includes, a module providing file-like objects which datestamp each line, and, which creates file-like objects that write to more than one output file on each write() call.  Very handy in combination!
Pythonic Windows Printing, my article on how to print to a Windows printer from Python. Now includes, my module encapsulating the required procedures.
RawPrintServer, a Socket API print server in Python using asyncore. Works with both Windows and Linux!
RBTree, Red/Black Tree module with dictionary-like interface.
Readline, Python Alternative Readline for Windows.
ULPR, a universal printing client for Unix/Linux.
WConio, Windows CONsole I/O module for Python.
Web Publishing System in Python (recently updated!).  Includes, a web page generator using simple templates, and, a web site publisher using FTP.
Python Programming Help, my series of articles (well, one at the moment) explaining how to solve problems in Pythonic application development.

I have put together a project download statistics page... although I doubt anyone but me is interested.

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