-- Python Alternative Readline

Copyright © 2001, Chris Gonnerman

_rlsetup.c -- Python Readline Installer
Copyright (c) 1999 by Secret Labs AB.
Copyright (c) 1999 by Fredrik Lundh.


  • Version 1.7 (December 3, 2005) This new version contains completer support code by Jürgen Hermann. Thanks! Now if I just had some documentation for this...
  • Version 1.6 (March 3, 2004) Finally, a 2.3 compatible version! This version will not work with Python versions before 2.3. Many thanks to Andre Alves who provided the bugfix for the prompt.
  • Version 1.5c (date mislaid) Includes more minor bugfixes.
  • Version 1.5b (January 24, 2002) Includes minor bugfixes and a 2.2 binary courtesy of Alex Martelli.
  • Version 1.5 (October 10, 2001) Includes updates from Alex Martelli providing additional support for "traditional" GNU readline functionality. This version does not support versions of Python before 2.0.
  • Version 1.4 (June 4, 2001) Adds the history file requested by Alex Martelli.
  • Version 1.3 (June 2, 2001) Corrects another cosmetic bug, and includes a DistUtils installer and Python 2.1 binary courtesy of Alex Martelli.
  • Version 1.2 (May 5, 2001) Fixes the error message and corrects a cosmetic bug.
  • Version 1.1 (May 1, 2001) Uses a side-scrolling feature to avoid the previous problems with running past the right edge of the screen.
  • Version 1.0 (April 28, 2001) First public release.



This software enables line editing and (temporary) history for Python on Windows. _rlsetup.c is ripped painfully from Fredrik Lundh's _wincon.c source code, and so bears his copyright (and Secret Labs). However, blame me if it doesn't work for you (but of course, you accept all responsibility for this software as a condition for using it).

This package uses the following environment variables:

PYHISTFILE contains the name of the history file (default is sys.prefix + "\\pyhist.txt").

PYHISTMAX is the maximum number of history lines to keep (both in core and on disk).

  Source archive, compatible with Python 2.3 or later.
  Source archive, compatible with Python 2.3 or later.
  Source archive, compatible with Python 2.0 to 2.4
  Auto-installer for Python 2.6, submitted by Dirk Osswald
  Auto-installer for Python 2.5
  Auto-installer for Python 2.4
  Auto-installer for Python 2.5
  Auto-installer for Python 2.4
  Auto-installer for Python 2.3
  Auto-installer for Python 2.2
  Auto-installer for Python 2.1
  Auto-installer for Python 2.0 (1.4 is the last binary release for this Python version)



Binary installers are available for Python 2.0 through 2.6. The source archive includes a distutils installer if you want/need to build your own.