-- Pythonic Windows Printing defines a class and utility functions for use by programs needing to print complex output on Windows 2K/XP hosts.

document is a class for creating and running print jobs. Presently, the source is the only documentation for this class.

listprinters() returns a list of printer names. The default printer is the first element of the list, and all other printers follow in alphabetical order.

desc(printer) returns a dictionary containing the descriptive fields for the named printer.

getfont(name, size) returns a win32ui font object for the named font scaled to the given size. Font substitution may have been done by Windows, so don't be surprised if you don't get what you asked for.


PLEASE TAKE NOTE! You must be running Windows 2K or higher, and have a recent version of the win32all extensions, or this won't work. If you need to work with Windows 9x, you'll have to roll your own... but I have a page on the subject that may help:
Pythonic Windows Printing

MSWinPrint-1.0.win32.exe Windows installer for the module... all you need if you want to use it. Source archive for those who want to build their own installer.